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.... HAVE you ever been lost in a foreign country? the concept of getting lost is foreign to me, this is not beacuse I have a good sense of direction. I get lost all the time, I take the wrong bus; train;taxi and get lost when driving home etc. I have gotten lost so many times I have stopped counting it. As humans we have different ways on dealing with ourseslves when lost. Some people panic and and assume that just because they are not where they intended to be the world is coming to an end. Some people think that just because they are lost and are panicing, other people should share in the destress they are going through (they keep asking you where is this bus going? am I lost??) some make sudden dicisions to get off the mode of transport if possible. I doubt you can get off a moving train or a flight, let me say you might get off but not live to tell the story. I once saw a woman who took a train from London to Manchester but I gues that was a correct train for me but the wrong train for her. As she realised that she was on the wrong train she walked down the aisle to the train driver's end. Upon arrival she banged on the door and screamed 'get me off'. I didn't know whether to laugh or sympathise with her, but since I am easy going in nature laughing was the ultimate thing. I think her attempts to get off could have worked if she was on a bus and pressed the getting off on the next station button. My theory about getting lost when travelling is as follows: if I take transport from point A intending to go to point B, If I realise that my transport is going to point C I just relax and wait for the transport to reach Point C and then take transport back to point A. When reaching Point A I start the whole process again. This works well when you are on the bus,taxi etc. I learnth it the hard way that this thoery does apply in certain situations but shouldn't be generalised. When in Beirut (Lebanon) I decided to take a minibus instead of a taxi from Beirut city centre to my hotel. The area I was staying at is Gemeezeye, I told the bus driver that I am going to Gemezeeye that is what I assume I told him, lesson learned is I should keep my Arrabic to 'Salam, shokran etc nothing more. The bus driver told me I could get on the bus and I waited for the bus to be full when it was full I paid my fare. The journey started off and I saw the bus approaching my destination.. 30 min later I realised that my destination was on my side and then before long it was behind me. In my confused state of which at this point I wish I was impulsive and gotten off,I stayed on the bus. My reasoning was that I was lost so I just need to pay the fare again and get back to where the bus driver took me from. The one thing I didn't realise is that this was a last bus going to some area outside Beirut and the next bus to Beirut was the next morning. The bus driver looked at me wondering where to drop me. I just shrugged my shoulders and started laughing. Luckly he was a man who could read between the lines because he realised that I was lost and started smilling back at me. I can't really be sure why he smilled so much because he started mentioning that his house is around the area and I should give him my number for when am in Lebanon next time. Our final stop was an area on top of a mountain where I couldn't see a car following us nor any sign of a hotel.I came out of the bus and just stood outside admiring the nature and mountainious area around me. This time I could have started crying or even jumped off the cliff since I just didn't know how I got there nor how I will be able to get back to Beirut. I then realised that I need atleast to be halfway to Beirut.I then remembered that this driver has just asked for my number, I then decided to play the 'Damsel' in destress card and it worked wonders. I started telling the driver that I need to get to Beirut and I decided to take his number promising him that I will call him. He was impressed with that and drove me halfway to my destination. Since it was late I had to wait in his bus until a bus come. Finally I did get a bus to Beirut and it passed outside my hotel. How wonderful a journey which could have taken me 20min took me 4 hours.. WHAT IS YOUR THEORY ABOUT GETTING LOST WHEN BACKPACKING?

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