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Licked by a cow in Varanasi- INDIA

what happens in India hmmmmm

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........... I woke up in the early hours of the morning to join the pilgrims in Varanasi as they made their way to the river Gangis. As I step outside the air is crisp and fresh, its still a bit dark outside and the dew is still on the grass. I decide to take a cart from the youth hostel to the river. As I arrive at the river Gangi's, I am perplexed by number of people at the banks and the happenings around me. Suddenly I notice that people around me are perplexed by my presence in their mist. Everyone turns to look at me, some people want to come next to me ; some laugh and point at me hmmm interesting indeed. As if people's reactions towards me wouldn't get worse, they then approach me and ask : ' can I take a picture of you please' or : ' Can I take a picture with you please' of which I calmly decline ( not meaning to be rude but sometimes it does get annoying people staring and then wanting to take a picture with or of you). As if that was all some people then approach me and ask:'please if you could just touch my kid' they say that as they push their kids towards me. I am perplexed what? , touch your kid ???? I decide to ignore people's reactions towards me and concentrate on the morning happenings of the river Gangis: I soon notice that this place looks like the Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai but smaller: people doing laundry, some are bathing, some are shaving their hair .. both young and old, male and female; sick & healthy. The plan of the day was to take a boat ride into the River Gangi's. Before attempting the boat ride I decide to take a video on the happenings around me.

Suddenly I felt something on my hand, my initial thoughts were maybe someone has just touched me. I decide to ignore whoever could have touched me and continue taking a video of the happenings. Suddenly it happens again, this time I notice that people are looking at me. I then slowly turn to see what is happening,as I turn I notice a big huge black animal next to me, it's a cow!!!. I scream and it then dawns to me that this cow is busy licking my hand, the intensity of the licking increases. I am frightened by this and I am hopping someone will come to my rescue to push the cow away or pull me away. Basically I wasn't hoppping for much but just that someone will come to my resue. I notice that everyone around me is just looking at me & smilling ,no one comes to my rescue but everyone looks as though approaving of what is happening. The roughness of the cow's tongue soon proves to be irriatating, just imagine a sand- paper on your hand. All of a sudden my hand is filled with thick-slimmy saliva. The cows lips prove to add on the roughness as well. With fear and discomfort written all over my face I look at the people around me hoping that someone will come to my rescue. The only reaction I get from those around me is approval of what is happening , it looks as though everyone around me is happy that this cow is licking my hand. I am confused , what should I do?. I suddenly remember that I am in India & I am infront of the Gangis in Varanasi. This basically implied that whatever my reaction is in this scenario is I must make sure I don't annoy the crowds around me. I try to be calm assuming that the cow will get tired of licking my hand but the roughness continues as I deliberating on what to do, suddenly the cow starts chewing my leather jacket. I think to myself :'How on earth could this cow decide to eat its own skin ?'. Soon I realise that wearing a leather jacket, leather boots & standing infront of the Gangis maybe wasn't such a good idea.Its too late to start thinking about my wadrobe chooices I need to be focused and get this cow away from me. As the chewing starts getting rough & intense I realise that my leather jacket will be damaged and that is motivation enough to do something about this scenario. I slowly & quickly pull my hand away making sure that I don't touch the cow itself . All of a sudden my hand is free but the cow is still next to me I then quickly move away from the cow, it follows me for a short distance , finally it decided to go roaming again. All of a sudden everyone looks happy about what just happened , everyone is smilling at me I then realise that they are happy about what just happened . Still terrified of what just happened I decide to ignore their reaction and concentrate on my relief of being away from that cow . As I try to disapear from this scene a young man suddely approaches me and asks : 'do you want to take a boat-ride on the river Gangi' I respond : what ??? let me see : a) people have been asking me to bless their kids, b) I have just been liked by a cow at the banks of river Gangi's in Varanasi ( a holly site for Hindus) & 3) you want me to take a boat-ride in the river Gangi ??? . Maybe I am paranoid all of a sudden I think : What will happen if the boat capsizes? hmmm I bet no one will come to my rescue again. I gues what has just happened this morning is a sign and surely taking a boat ride in the Gangis this morning might be a terrible idea. As I walk away I meet a man with a snake in a box, he catches my attention and then opens the box infront of me. This time I am thinking this is seriously wrong I can't have a snake licking me as well , I seriously need to get out of this place ASAP.......

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