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Johannesburg to Malawi by road :)

back-packing Malawi solo

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Marabuanji.......... 'good day' .Those words were directed to me on my arrival in Blyntyre.

Ok, I've had adventures trips where I didn't know where I will be or when I will get there and what I will do when I get there.This trip was one of those and sadly for me I have had more of those trips than I care to count. It was in October 2004, I decided to celebrate my birthday doing something adventures. I had made the necessary arrangements for the trip i.e: a. I obtained a Mocambiquen visa b. booked a train from Johannesburg to Mesina (border between South Africa and Zimbabwe) & c. booked a bus from Harare to Malawi - Blyntyre. it alll sounded great on paper. I took a train from Johannesburg to Mesina on the Sunday evening around 17:45pm, the train arrived at Mesina at 10:00 am. I then took a taxi from the train station to the Zimbabwean border post. My reasoning was saving money and walking on the no-mans land! well I went through immigrations on the South African side I then walked across Beitbridge walking above the Limpompo river. I had my camera at my hand (those days I used a camera with a flim not a SLR etc). As I entered the gate for Zimbabwe I was asked to step aside by Zimbabwean police. I was asked why I had my camera at my hand, I explained that I took it out when I went through immigration on the South African side. I was told that I need to give them the film since I might be a journalist and I might publish pictures I have been taking/I took of the Zimbabwean police. it all didn't make sense to me, Well to cut a long story short I was told that if I want to enter Zimbabwe I need to use a diferent border post preferebly fly in because I will not be granted entry that day at that specific border post. After a long argument with Zimbabwean police I did a U-turn and went back to the South African side. As I approached South African police noticed me I think I was crying because I was so angry and just had an argument with someone. I explained to the South African police what had happened. They asked me what I wanted to do. I explained that I had to catch a bus from Harare to Malawi the next morning and I need to cross the border that morning. The South African policeman took me across to Zimbabwe and they talked to the Zimbabwean police, I remember the Zimbabwean police saying that they (south African police) need to teach their citizen how to adress man in uniform, another argument arose between them BUT I was granted entry. I decided to change my cloths incase the Zimbabwean police will be after me etc.. after changing I went through immigrations in Zimbabwe and I was granted entry.Adrenaline adrenaline rush..

I then took a bus from beitbridge to Harare, I left Beitbridge at 13:00 and arrived in Harare late that evening. I did manage to catch my bus to Blantyre-Malawi.On arrival in malawi the following evening I checked into a B&B. the following morning I made arrangements for sight seing and to travell to Lake Malawi. there is just as much you can see in Blyntre... Blyntre is easy to travell around.. buses are readily available and people are quite helpful... If you ever find yourself in Blyntre try to relax and enjoy the small, cousy city... :)

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How to find a travel partner online

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'Is it normal for me to travel solo?' I have been travelling alone for the past 9/10 years. It has never occured to me that I was doing something odd BUT after chatting to my collegues I realised something.. To me it's a norm to pack my bag and catch a flight to go to a place I haven't even booked accomodation for. I am an easy going person, I am cautious BUT not overly so.I easily make acquaintances with the receptionist at the youth hostel;the cleaner & the driver who picks me up from the airport etc. I also easily make acquantances with other travellers when sight seeing etc.

For me travelling alone means packing my bag and leaving my house for the airport alone without any expectation of meeting up with someone I know.The minute I arrive at the airport I start communicating with other travellers awaiting the same flight with me, I am not alone am I?? the other day when I was returning from South africa, while awaiting for my delayed flight from Johannesburg to Dubai, I saw a guy seating next to me, I started talking to him. You might say I am free spirited I gues. The other time I was backpacking in Malawi, I met a girl who spent the entire two weeks with me, I don't know where she was going BUT she spent two week with me. The concept of travelling alone is foreign to me.I don't understand what it means besides that I have no one to decide where we will have our meals.

The reaction I got from my collegues when I informed them that I will be travelling solo on my next trip got me thinking. 'I am sure there are many people out there who luv travelling but are afraid of travelling solo. With that I decided to INVITE someone to join me on my next trip or to get what is called a travel partner. This will be someone I never meet in my life, the only reason I will be meeting up with them is for out next trip.

I am going to keep a journal on how I went about getting a travel partner for my next trip ( 28/05/2010-31/05/2010)

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South Africa

Home sweet home

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Landing at the Johannesburg airport that afternoon was great. Finally I was at home. Its amazing to notice the change that has happened through the years, especially in preparation of the Fifa world cup. South Africa has been in the spotlight sportwise and the main event which is happeneing next June '10. South Africa is definately a beautiful country. The beautiful is shown by the wonderful nature for which people travel from different parts of the world to see and experience. But for me the beauty was in seeing how much my home country has changed. The beauty is in the way people relate towards each other disregarding race and nationaly. After the racial discrimination which existed in the country years ago, it was good to see the way people relate. From the airport I went to my parents house in Middelburg (Mpumalanga). It was amazing to realise that in a small town changes has occurd as well. In an area where most only South African's resided , there was loads of other people from other countries.. after the Xenophobia violance which occurd in Sout Africa last year, it was good to notice the unity which existed among people.In a summary it was good to notice change, the world might not notice the changes BUT to me as a black South African it was wonderful to notice the change which is happening back at home.. I could only stand in amazement and say Wow!!! Home sweet home!!!!

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Aswan- Egypt'09

me and the girls backpacking Egypt

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We took a train from Alexandria - Aswan. We left Alexandria at 16:30 and arrived in Aswan at 10:00. On arrival we got a travel agent to take us around the tourist sites. Hmmm ok I need to be honest... I could have done all those tourist sites for 1/4 of what I paid the travel agent... dammmnnnn!! anyways we went to the Nubites museum, tombs, High bride and the temples etc. It was a pleasent day. That evening we took a train from Aswan to Luxor. Tickets cost us EP31.00 and a train took us 2-3 hrs.

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Alexandria- Egypt'09

Me and the girls.. backpacking Egypt '09

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We travelled from Dahab- Cairo using a minibus. We departed Dahab at 23:00 and arrived in Cairo at 07:00. On arrival we purchase 2nd class train tickets from cairo to Alexandria. Tickects cost us EP20, the train took 3hrs. On arrival in Alexandria we checked into a hotel which was highly recommanded by someone we met in Dahab. The hotel wasn't great and the bed was as hard as a stone... not to mention the pillows. after checking into the hotel we went to the Alexandria Castle, marine museum and then we took a boat ride at the Meditarenian sea.The next morning we went to Mantazah; Alexandria library etc. We then decided to purchase train tickets from Alexandria- Aswan.We were informed that as foreigners we were supposed to take a sleeper train which will cost us US$60.00. We started deliberating on travelling from Alexandria to cairo and then taking a 2nd class train to Aswan. When we were still thinking a brilliant idea poped into our heads!!! we told the person selling us tickets that we were South African ambassadors and we were attending a meeting in Aswan the next day and the train is our last means of tranport of making it to Aswan the next morning... Wa la !! we bought 1st class train tickets for EP100.00...We departed Alexandria at 16:30 and arrived in Aswan the next day at 10:00.

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