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Nyangani Mountain, Zimbabwe

hikking in the mist

sunny 33 °C

My record for mountain climbing in terrible weather conditions is good, it seems like I can never get it right. When I planned to climb the Nyangani mt in Zimbabwe I had decided that I was going to do it right. We spent the evening camping at the bottom of the mountain. In the morning around 06:00am we started climbing. The mountain was covered with mist since it was early in the morning. As we approached the peak the mist got thicker and thicker, as we looked back where we came from the mist was slowly clearing. After 3.5 hrs we managed to reach the peak, we took pictures which were not clear due to the mist, but I did manage to get a clearer picture after waiting an hour on top of the mountain.As we started descending we met up with other climbers who were on their way up.. this time the sun was comming out, I am sure they (other climbers) were able to take better quality pictures BUT that came at a price of being exposed to temperatures above 30 degrees!!!!!!

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Cairo, Egypt

7 days in Egypt-


27/10/2007 travelled from Manchester airport to heathrow airport(UK).On arrival I met up with a friend and we had a drink whilst waiting for my flight. I checked in and then took a flight at 22:00 from London to Rome. On arrival in Rome I had to wait for 3 hrs for my connection flight.I arrived in Cairo on the 28/10/2007 in the fternoon i.e. around 12:00, I had arranged airport pick up with the Youth hostel I was going to be based at durring my stay in Cairo.Someone held a placard with my name at the arrival section.. I then realised that I had to wait for my taxi with this person (Egypt , nothing is ever straight foward). I ended up sitting with 5-6 taxi drivers waiting for my taxi, it was an interesting experince. I was then offered someting which look like pumpkin seeds, initially I didn't know how to eat them but with persistance I managed to get the trick on how to eat them. My driver picked me up 2 hrs after arrival, durring that time I had been advised that my laugage was off loaded in Rome!!! I did get reunited with my bag after 3 days in Cairo. I woke up on my birthday (29/10/2007) and went for sight seeing in Cairo. I went to the Giza pyramids & sakara pyramids. I then took a walk around Cairo and discovered loads of ice cream flavours(my favourate was Mango). 30/10/2007 I took an overnight train from Cairo to Luxor & Aswan. Departed Cairo at 20:00 and arrived in Luxor at 08:00. 30/10 I was collected from the train station by my tour guide. We then travelled to the valley of the kings & quens; temples etc. That same evening I took a train (20:00) from Luxor to Cairo. 31/10 -I arrived in Cairo around 10:00 am. on arrival I went back to the youth hostel where I was based to collect my bag (which had arrived from Rome).I then catched a bus from cairo to Dahab, the bus left Cairo at 14:00 and we arrived in Dahab at 22:00.I spent a night at the Penguin, nice place and beautiful scenary- Almost defined the term : 'holiday fling' hmmmm!!!.01/11 - I woke up the next morning and travelled to Mt Sinai-St kathrines monument. I climbed mount Sinai around 10:00 morning and descended around 14:00. It was a beautiful climb although it was really really HOT. I then travelled from Mt Sinai to Dahab and arrived at Dahab at 19:00. I had dinner and then decided to take a walk around Dahab. At 22:00 I took a bus from Dahab to cairo. 02/11- I arrived in Cairo at 06:00. I walked from the bus station to somewhere in Town and decided to take a taxi to the youth hostel because I was lost. I then took a map and walked to the Egyptian Museum, took a boat rid on the nile reiver, took a bus to khalakhalid market, Souvenir's shopping etc. 03/11/2007- Attended a Seventh Day Adventist church in the heart of Cairo, service was conducted in Arrabic, Suddanese and another langauge I don't recall.. it was an experience. Took a taxi at 12:00 and went to the airport. Took my flight at 14:00 connected in Rome and then arrived at Heathrow airport on midnight on the 03/11/2007. 04/11/2007 @ 13:00 arrived in Manchester. Tired but wow!!! loved each and every mad moment !!!!!!

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Paris, France

A weekend away in Paris :)


France has been linked to romance or romantic mode.. whether the fact that French-Man are reported to be romantic or the French langauge is reported to be romantic not sure which is which? Anyway who can resist the French accent... I am not sure about the romantic nature of French-man nor do I want to disregard that notion. What I know is I felt some romantic vibe when I was in Paris. A number of things could be the reason I felt a romantic vibe.It might be climbing the Eiffel tower;dinning on top of the Eiffel tower; taking a boat ride at night ; visiting the shopping malls ; dinning in a French resturant at night. Not only that, BUT I also met a cute ; travel fanatic guy(not French) who waited 2 hrs outside a train station after I was late preparing myself and struggling to walk fast with my high- heel shoes and also he managed to explain and figure out directions of the Paris map.What more could a Lady want.. all smiles; giggles;blushing etc. How did it all come about?- We Travelled by bus from London to Paris with friends.We departed London at 22:00 and arrived at Paris bus station the following morning at 06:00.On our arrival we took a train from the bus station to our youth hostel. We stayed 5 min away from The Eiffel Tower. We visted all the tourst sites. I will suggest if anyone wants to vist Paris, have atleast a week... Paris has loads to offer.If possible bring along a loved one OR if single... go flirt; smile and have some eye-candy :)

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Lusaka, Zambia


As to how I arrived in Lusaka, I don't know. What I recall is that ,I was on my way from Johannesburg to Malawi.I left Jo'burg and went to Gaborone, travelled overnight by train from Gaborone to Francis town. In the morning I crossed the border @ Plumtree into Zimbabwe,from Plumtree I took a taxi (minubus) to Bulawayo. I then took a bus from Bulawayo to Harare. I had hoped to catch a bus from Harare to Blantyre- Malawi. When I was supposed to catch the bus I was informed that I need a Mocembequen visa to travell to Malawi. I then decided to abondon the trip and go back home (South Africa). As I was at a bus tickets counter purchasing a bus ticket from Harare to Johannesburg, I saw a bus reversing out of the bus station. I asked the person serving me at the counter, where the bus was going. I was informed that the bus was on its way to Lusaka, Zambia. I decided to purchase a ticket for Lusaka instead of Jo'burg (crazy indeed).Those who have travlled in with public transport in Africa will understand that transportation is VERY cheap and I made a mistake of estimating the bus fare to the distance to be travelled. We left Harare at 10:00 am and we arrived in Lusaka at 22:00 pm. This was my fourth day travelling, I was hungry, thirsty and needed a nice long shower and a hot home made meal. on arrival in Lusaka I checked into a B&B which was located at the bus stop and I decided to have a nice hot meal. In the morning I took a bus to the main bus station in Lusaka. I then had an experience with the police. I converted my money in the black market (illegally), while there was a police station 50 ft away from me hmmmm. After converting the money I bought a bus ticket from Lusaka to Lilongwe (Malawi) I was advised that the trip will take +- 36 hrs, upon learning this I decided to go back to South Africa. Since I had converted most of my money to a Zambian Kwacha I needed to convert it back to a Zim Dollar so that I can use it when passing through Zimbabwe on my way back to South Africa. I asked the guy who changed my money to convert the money back but he refused, I asked the bus driver to refund me and he refused. I then figured out that I will not travell all the way from Jo'burg to be roobed at day light in Lusaka. I staged a sit in on the bus by blocking the seat which allows the bus to be filled at the back. The bus driver was very angry with me but I wasn't going to let him rob me. People started complaining in the bus , luckly I didn't hear what they were saying. Finaly a gentleman who had just arrived asked to move out of the way I told him that I was selling my bus ticket, he bought it. I got off the bus and went to the bus driver just to show him that I can be stubborn too... he was not impressed but I was proud of myself. I then had to convert my money back into Zim dollars, but the guy who changed it refused to convert it back. I went to the police station told them what I had done, they then located the guy and I got my money back.NOTE: I was not arrasted, I don't know what happened to the guy BUT if he had given me my money back I wouldn't have had to involve police. I then took a bus from Lusaka to livingston, hoping to catch a train from Livingston to Bulawayo and then Jo'burg.I was told that we will arrive in Livingston around 17:00, I was planning to catch a train from Livingston to Bulawayo at 18:00. AFRICAN TIME!!! We arrived in Livingston at 23:00, mind you I was on transit 24 hrs ago.. I then knew that I was in trouble with border control. I spent a night with a family of a guy I had met in the bus from Lusaka. I then asked if I could spend the weekend with them and they agreed. I woke up the next morning and went to the border post to cross into Zimbabwe so that I can call my parents and update them regarding my where about also to buy food etc for my host family. The immigrations officer started asking me loads of questions e.g. why I was crossing back into Zimbabwe since a day ago I crossed into Zambia stating that I was on transit. I tried to explain that my plans had changed and I was exiting Zambia, I figured out he wanted me to bribe him, well I don't like bribing so decided to block a long que.. finally he stamped my passport for exit. I did some shopping at victoria falls and then called my parents. I then went back to the border post, as it maybe the officer who dealt with me when exiting dealt with me again on entry just after 4 hrs of us having dealt with each other. He asked me for my host adress and the length of stay in Zambia, I asked for 30 days even though I knew I was only there for two days, I then gave him my host adress in Livingston.. he couldn't refuse me entry could he!!! !! so what did I do for the weekend... hmmm

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Victoria Falls- Zimbabwe



It was after the dramas and anticipations of what the year 2000 will bring with it. I was in Bulawayo for new years eve, I needed to cool down and plan for the year ahead. A trip to Victoria falls was all I needed to cool down.I pretended to be a Zimbabwean citizen inorder to gain access at local rate, well that didn't workout too well, I gues my limited Shona (zimbabwean language) was not good enough to convince the security guys at the entrance. I paid a tourist price to gain access. We took a walk aroung the fall, I decided not to put on the rain coat so that I can get soaked WET!!! ohh this was the most beautiful & romantic place to be at.. there was a couple next to me who got engaged just at the cliff of the fall... hmmm

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