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Cape Town, South Africa

Beauty on top of the table mountain

all seasons in one day

As a South African I feel like I don't need to report about my travells to Cape Town.. But as a traveller, Cape Town or what we call eKapa (Xhosa langauge) is the most beautiful place to visit and definately one on those places you don't necessary need to tick off your list but you need to experience it.My travells to Cape Town started from Johannesburg. I took a bus from Jo'burg in the evening and I arrived in Cape town the next morning.On calculation I realised that a bus trip from Jo'burg to Harare is shorter that a bus trip from Jo'burg to Capetown.I took a Greyhound bus which cost me R300.00(south African rands) a return trip. The bus departed from Johannesburg Park station i.e. Johannesburg city centre. when we arrived in Cape town it was chilly and slighlty raining.Our youth Hostel was located in a town called Musselburg and we were less than 3 minutes walk to the beach. The next day we travelled to Table mountain.. we then decided to climb the table mountain that morning (10:00),I can still recall that experience, it was the first and only time I experienced what is called sun burn.It took me 2 hrs to reach the peak and then spent another 1 hr discovering all other peaks which lead to the main peak. I then realised why it is called table mountain.. it honestly looks like a table on top of it. I decided to have a drink at the resturant on top of the mountain and then bought a key- holder for my collection. Descending the mountain I had a choise of either using a cable car or descend on my own. I decided that it will be unfair to take a cable car so ya!!! I went for it around 13:00.. more sunburn on my part. We then drove around cape point, beautiful scenary...

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Maluti mountains


all seasons in one day 3 °C

This was my first travelling trip out of South africa (not necessary since its in the same country, maybe I should say it was my first trip to use a passport). We travelled by bus from Johannesburg to Lesotho, we left Johannesburg Friday afternoon and arrived in lesotho in the middle of the night. Upon crossing the border everything changed. All of a sudden I realised that I was away from home. I couldn't understand the language spoken, I saw people covered in beautiful designed blankets.Everything looked and sounded odd for me but I loved it, the people were warm and welcoming. It was a pleasent trip, on arrival we stayed at a B&B at the bottom of the Maluti mountains, it was winter time. I had packed enough cloths for a weekend away. I ended up wearing all my cloths in one day since it was very very very cold. I then understood why people in Lesotho cover themselves with blankes, If I had one of those I would have used it. We went mountain climbing on the Sunday morning. It was fun and as we climbed the mountain we started gettinging warmer. It took us Almost 3 hrs to reach the peak. The scenary on top of the mountain was beautiful. We left Maluti Sunday afteroon and we arrived back in Johannesburgh in the evening, hhmmm jo'burg was warm...home sweet home!!

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